Whatsapp Down? Here’s what happened


Were your messages not sending last night through Whatsapp?

Here’s what I saw:

A sudden tsunami in the number of reported problems.

whatsapp down

And it was over 10 comments per second for sure!

Source: Down Detector

When I visited other places to check whether it’s a problem with my One Plus 3T, or some software error, I reset the data allowances for whatsapp. But nothing changed.

Later when I went to whatsapp settings, here’s what they said:


Although whatsapp has a billion trusted users, it was down last night! We can’t even fathom how many people were affected. Many might have gone to sleep early and many (especially those services that want to compete against whatsapp) were up working hard, trying to capitalize on the situation.

It’s unbelievable how many people have suddenly been affected.

We never imagined whatsapp could ever go down!

It’s a humbling experience for us all again. Whatsapp, with over a billion users crashed.

It is backed by the power of Facebook and millions use it daily. If that can crash, today is indeed a Titanic moment. The world will be a little more humble now I guess. And if this lesson can be used to spread the message of peace, it’s a blessing in disguise.

And the comments kept counting….

(I added this picture right after writing this post within about 2-3 minutes)



And a few more minutes later:





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