HealthKart Affiliates – A Study

What is HealthKart?


They have an e-commerce web platform as well as an app based service, from where customers can browse thousands of products and get them at their doorstep.

HealthKart app is the easiest way to shop for your favourite protein supplements, sports nutrition products, vitamin supplements, bodybuilding supplements, protein powders, multivitamins, health care products and a lot more. HealthKart is your one-stop-shop to buy all gym and workout essentials, whey proteins from multiple top brands like Optimum Nutrition (ON), MuscleBlaze, Ultimate Nutrition and many more as well as Weight Loss products from Incredio and Herbalife.

Healthkart Store

Just like Practo, they are also one of India’s biggest online platforms. While Practo connects patients to doctors, that is – they heal the people form diseases – Healthkart takes the people from normal to healthy.

How many people are affiliated with it in order to help it grow?

While Amazon and viglink have over 200,000 and over 75000 affiliate partners respectively, at HealthKart, on the website what we saw, was some 500. We should help promote it more shouldn’t we, just for the sake of our country, I felt. Anyway keeping feelings away and just sticking to numbers here’s the data on their website: However we would like to see more affiliates for this network. Why not people? Join in! But be sure what you’re promoting. Promotion of products that are medicinal or biotech has more legal compliances online that you would want to check.

Number of Daily Responses

(PS. They were taking responses in the most informal way, although it works just fine – through Google Sheets.)

574 is the number of responses since August 2016 for HealthKart. Which speaks for itself how hard capturing the market is!

Monthly Visits

The sites promoting are not the biggest ones in the market. There definitely can be more to this!

Topic of Websites Affiliating

The affiliate websites promoting it are also not exactly the same as the niche that HealthKart is dealing in. Where are the real players. There should be better promotion.

Website Types

The above are the types of websites that are affiliates of HeakthKart.


Now, below we will give the stats of Amazon and Viglink:

Viglink and Amazon Associates


Let’s make in India, and also have a healthy India. Lets promote companies like Practo and HealthKart as well as other services so that people who are not aware about them can reach out. If you want us to tell about more such services, just comment below or mail us. Have a great day and be healthy!