Genetic testing might be coming soon!

Genetic testing might become a common phenomena pretty soon, for better or for worse. In this testing procedure, the DNA and chromosomes and all other genetic data of a person will be stored in a server, ready for use. Although the language seems to say it’s for the better, it’s a very powerful force in the hands of those who own the technology. Just like the invention of the dynamite, resulted in two kinds of uses – one to make roads and the other to attack people, so does technology often end up in that gray area where debates need to happen. Any technology if used properly can be highly beneficial to all, but also creates an opportunity for it to be misused. And the misuse, can lead to a huge loss to those who are not using the technology. However across all human era’s, we have always embraced the new technology. It’s inevitable.

So be it. The genetic tests are going to be beneficial to a lot of people and improve their lifestyle and so it will exist for sure – no question – but how can we prevent the misuse? Either it’s through force, legislation, or prevention of technology. Just like we never prevented other technologies, if the trend will stay the same, which probably it will, we won’t prevent genetic testing too!

So lets look at the problems Genetic Testing can lead to:

  • Insurance Companies misusing the data


1.Insurance Companies will use the data from the genetic tests, to optimize their policies making it harder for those who are prone to diseases due to their genetic composition, to get insurance benefits. This effectively means, the rich keep getting riches as they get insurance while they can also afford the treatments, and the poor get poorer.


  • What about human genetic diversity?

man gene

2. Genetic diversity might end up getting reduced as those with weaker genes as per current circumstances are not favored. We don’t know what would happen when circumstances change! But who knows, this might be a blessing in disguise speeding up the process of the survival of the fittest!


  • There would be nothing called privacy!


3. There’d be nothing called privacy! Everything that you’re made up of can get public at any time! Internet marketing companies are already tracking our every move and behavior to brainwash us. Tomorrow more data will make them only much more powerful. And they have the power to violate your privacy and get away with it as well!


  • World economic growth overall

world economic growth

4. The overall economy will benefit. This benefit will be most enjoyed by the rich and capitalists. This may mean a slightly better and optimized standard of living overall for humans. But the poor are going to have lesser opportunities for themselves.


  • Current legislation by the UN

5. As per UN data, only if required, genetic data of criminals can be stored. Rest of the data is destroyed. Today we wear clothes, we keep passwords, we keep secrets for privacy. And then we talk of genetic tests, where complete privacy violation can occur. Everyone who’s not in power will be as equal as a criminal.

The debate is yours. Choose whether you want to have genetic tests or not! And let us know in the comments what you think is right! This article in no way holds as if it’s the be all and the end all for this topic. There’s of course millions of other opinions on this and we’d like to know those in the comments!



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