Analyse Keyword Search Trends Before Starting your Business


While keeping this in mind, a businessman should also acknowledge that the trends change yearly also, just like the weather and people have different requirements at different times.

For example look at the search trend below:

medical faculty search

As aquired through different keyword research tools. This is the data provided by google about the searches in their engine, in India.

Keyword search is one of the most valuable and high-value research and marketing. Arranging the right keywords can make or break your website. By searching for keywords for your market, you can not only find phrases and phrases targeted with SEO, but also learn more about customers as a whole. It is not always about bringing traffic to the website. It’s a lot more about understanding what people want!

Practical Examples:

Air Purifiers

Sometimes products can be beneficial for health and hence we can consider it a medical product. Here targeting can be done by seeing pollution index in urban areas, spending trends, E-Commerce platforms that can ship there and then launching products like the example below of airpurifiers.

There are over 165000 searches for air-purifiers now, every month, in India. People are really looking forward to buy them. And so are the advertisers catching up. It has a Cost Per Click of $2.11 and a Competition value of 1  as per the Keyword tool data, which means that this market is already taken. However more markets that exist can be scraped from the web data and found. Anything which has a high search volume from the people and doesn’t have any competition is a good product for the (currently urban population).

air purifiers

Mi band

Mi Band


One of the ways that you an get information about the search trends is by clicking the button below. It will take you to an option, which will be at least ten times cheaper than the usual keyword tools that are used to get keyword search information through a group buy option. I have used this service to show you the keyword search results.

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