Amazing New Gesture Control Technology: Myo Band Review

Myo Band Review: The Myo Band (myo armband), is a new technology that can revolutionize the way we interact with technology! It’s in the true sense – a bio+tech product! It reads the signals in the nerves of your muscles and based on it, gives the desired output you want. It’s almost like magic.

Don’t Believe it? Watch this video:

If you’re already overexcited, you can order myo by clicking the button below.

(Only available in USA)


Here we will do a myo band review, so that you know what it is really about. This technology is still in it’s beginning phase. It’s exciting to see this technology for the following reasons:

  • We can start seeing the world again

People are literally too engrossed in their smart phones. If just some simple gesture control can help us take a click or to speed dial – then that would save us time as well as help us keep our eyes on what’s in front!

using smart phone

  • It can save us a lot of time

If it’s about doing simple tasks like switching a slide, or calling your mom, then as of today – you have to pick up the smartphone, and unlock it, then find the right contact and then dial. This can be done ten times faster if you have the myo.


  • It also means better security

Someone can unlock your smartphone if he cracks the dotted pattern or the unlock digits. But replicating muscular neurons and gestures isn’t possible! Also, since the myo sits in your arm, instead of your pockets, no more fear of pick pocketing!

security camera

  • Better efficiency at work and multi tasking

Now you won’t have that much of a switching cost in terms of time


  • Gesture control would of course be fun!

Controlling things at the flick of a finger without even bothering! Controlling technology just like we control our fingers. This is something like a dream come true!

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But this technology is still in its beginning stage. You might not find it super easy to do things with the myo as it would definitely require some practice.

We are progressing very fast into a world where effortless interaction with technology becomes easier. Thalmic Labs (visit: are really changing the world  by changing the way we interact with technology.

There are infinite possibilities that arise here. Maybe this technology can replace our laptops, desktops and mobile phones. Maybe it can have it’s own app store and operating system. It can make sharing, creating and interacting with information so much easier. It can also change the way we network with people.

If this is the sender, then something like this can be tomorrow’s receiver – where we also begin to effortlessly receive information from the outside world.

Take this video for example:

Our bodies can also be taught to receive signals and interpret them. This can mean us, changing the way we send signals as well as changing the way we receive them. We can truly through such new kinds of interaction with technology, and gesture control – change our lifestyle! It’s a futuristic thought, but it’s possible we are moving more closer to becoming cyborgs through this technology and we hope it’s all going for the better. Humans interacting more closely and seamlessly with technology as well as humans understanding their own make up, for example in Genetic Testing, when combined, will surely change the way we think about life and the world we live in.

What do you think? Leave your comments below!

And if you are interested you can order myo by clicking the button below. It’s not even close to expensive and definitely worth a go if you’re an early adopter.

(Only available in USA)




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